Chinmayi         Aadarsh

Wedding 27th Nov 2020 | Live stream start at 06.30 AM

Chinmayi + Aadarsh

This was meant to be! Chinmayi, a Kochi girl, educated in Pondicherry and now in IIM-K. Aadarsh, born in Pollachi, educated in Coimbatore and now in IIM-K. Must be the romantic IIM campus. And so, the 'twain did meet and love blossomed here. Destined to meet, and they did, though couple of years ago. Then forgotten, but later rekindled and revived. Well, there was an element of arranged to all this love as well. That's the back story. 
Chinmayi and Aadarsh are celebrating this love and culminating it in a marriage on 27th November. The wedding promises to be the stuff dreams are made of. Please do join in the celebrations virtually and shower them with your blessings.

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